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Ll research stroke swine flu transplants / organ donations tropical diseases tuberculosis urology / nephrology vascular veterans / ex-servicemen veterinary viruses / bacteria water - air quality / agriculture women's health   neurons made from adult cells in the brain featured article academic journal main category: stem cell research also included in: neurology / neuroscience;  alzheimer's / dementia;  parkinson's disease article date: 07 oct 2012 - 0:00 pdt email to a friend   printer friendly   opinions   current ratings for: neurons made from adult cells in the brain patient / public: 4. viagra online without prescription 33 (6 votes) healthcare prof: 5 (5 votes) article opinions:  1 posts finding ways to make new brain cells are important steps in the search for treatments for brain-wasting diseases such as alzheimer's and parkinson's. where is viagra headquarters Now a german-led team has discovered how to make new human neurons from another type of adult cell found in the brain. The researchers write about their work in the 5 october online issue of cell stem cell. cost of private prescription for viagra Much of the stem cell research that is going on into making new brain cells focuses on using stem and adult cells from other parts of the body and reprogramming them to form new brain cells and then implanting them into the brain. buy generic viagra online For example, earlier this year, stanford researchers in the us reported how they converted mouse skin cells directly into neural precursor cells, the cells that go on to form the three main types of cell in the brain and nervous system. But corresponding author of this latest study, benedikt berninger, now at the johannes gutenberg university mainz, says they are looking at ways of making new neurons out of cells that are already in the brain. viagra coupon "the ultimate goal we have in mind is that this may one day enable us to induce such conversion within the brain itself and thus provide a novel strategy for repairing the injured or diseased brain," says berninger in a press release. A major challenge of finding cells already in the brain that can be coaxed into forming new neurons, is whether they will respond to reprogramming. order viagra The cells that berninger and colleagues are focusing on are called pericytes. These cells are found close to blood vessels in the brain and help maintain the blood-brain barrier that stops bacteria and other unwanted material crossing from the bloodstream into the brain. viagra canada online In other parts of the body, peric. generic viagra viagra safe young men
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